How To Increase Merit In Bgmi: Step-By-Step Guide


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Understanding the merit system in BGMI

Merit is a scoring system in BGMI that looks at how a player acts and does in the game.

It checks to see how well the player follows the rules, shows play fun, and helps the game community.

Merit is won by doing different things in the game, like finishing tasks, winning fights, working with a team, and playing fairly.

On the other hand, you can lose Merit for breaking the rules of the game, like killing someone on your team, losing a partner, or acting in a way that isn’t allowed.

Basically, in BGMI, a player’s Merit level shows how they behave and contribute to the game world, which impacts their chances and gaming experience.

Why merit is important in BGMI?

Merits are very important in BGMI because they show how players behave and perform in the game. These ensure fair play, balanced matchmaking, and access to rewards. By improving good behaviour and preventing negative actions, merits contribute to a positive gaming environment for all.

How To Increase Merit In Bgmi.

To increase your merit you have to follow some steps.

Follow the steps given below to increase your merit :

STEP 1. To increase your merit, first of all you need to download Livik map because Erangel matches are very long. And if your Merit is too low, you will not be able to play many modes.

STEP 2. After downloading Livik Map, go to the Unranked section and click on “Other”.

STEP 3. After clicking on “Other” you have to select “VS AI Livik” mode.

STEP 4. After that, you have to start the match, but make sure you have selected the squad match. Now, you have to land on the rooftop of a big green-coloured house in Medstein and hide in the corner of the rooftop.

STEP 5. And then, you have to EXIT the match and your teammates will definitely get chicken dinner because there are only bots in that match.

STEP 6. Now you have to keep repeating this process. You have to remember one thing you can increase your merit only by 7 points in a day because BGMI has set a limit on it.

If you repeat this process 10-15 times, you can easily increase 7 merit points in a day without playing a single match.

Common mistakes to avoid.

There are many common mistakes that can reduce merits in BGMI. Careless gameplay, ignoring teamwork, and using cheating to maximize merit are pitfalls that should be avoided.


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Q1. How do merits affect gameplay in BGMI?

Merits affects matchmaking, rewards, and access to certain features within the game. Players with higher merits scores often have a better gaming experience.

Q2. Can I level up by playing solo?

While it is possible to play alone, teaming up with other players offers greater opportunities to earn qualifications through teamwork and coordination.

Q3. Is it necessary to win matches to increase qualification?

Winning matches certainly helps increase merit, but other factors such as completing missions and displaying player-like behavior also contribute to merit accumulation.

Q4. How often should I play to see improvement in merits?

Consistent gameplay and active participation in daily missions and events is important to see merits improvements over time.

Q5. Can I reset my merit score if it is too low?

Merit score cannot be reset. 

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